Green Screen Madness! / by Alex Grechman


I've noticed in my recent work, that when covering corporate events attendees tend to act more solemn or closed off if you will.  Then you come up and ask to take their picture, they act reserved, try not to smile, or sometimes just refuse to pose altogether. 

Well, there is a fix for that! Let me explain. I was hired by an agency for a corporate event here in La Jolla. At first, the job was simple - take candid pics before, during and after the conference, you know all the usual stuff. But all of a sudden, just 5 days before the event, I get an email from the planner, if I by any chance own a green screen. That was out of the ordinary, and I knew I had to act fast! So I quickly found a place that rents green screens, thankfully in SoCal, it's not a problem. And prayed they won't let me down. As I learned later, this was a corporate event for a pharmaceutical company and my job was to take green screen photos between their sessions, which they will later edit and use in a slide deck during the closing dinner party. 


Revelation for me was that people are less reluctant to take pictures when the process involves some kind of gizmo or a prop. They feel less constraint by corporate norms of conduct and can open up more freely. Which in future helps to take better candid shots and people are more amenable to pose and smile.