CCRA 2017 Convention / by Alex Grechman


OK, let me first start with a question - Did you know that California has court reporters association? And did you know that it was established 107 years ago? I certainly did not know that! 

Well, they do! And I got to experience their convention this October. More on that later...

Being a court reporter is a complicated job onto itself, but looking out for everybody is a completely different thing! And that's what this association does, just like big companies hire people to lobby their interest in government and write laws benefitting them. Who knew that court reporters need that kind of stuff? 


Well, anyway I had a blast capturing the convention. My job consisted of three distinctly different parts. Part one was all about partying, first, there was a reception party outside which
lasted until everybody decided to move to a penthouse for a more secluded and more if it is possible, relaxed atmosphere. 


Next day was part two and it was all about business, with all the usual convention stuff, like panels, workshops, and of course general assembly. Then came part three, which required me to take headshots of all the board members for their official website. 
To round things up, it was all great and I had a lot of fun. Hope to do it again sometime!